Methods you can use to decrease your belly fat daily.

Methods you can use to decrease your belly fat daily.


If you are overweight or obese, you must have realized that it is easier to put on weight than to lose fat. Slimming down require time and commitment. However, if you make use of these tricks below, you can progressively lose belly fat every day.


Drink lemon and warm water.

Taking a combination of lemon and warm water first thing in the morning can rev up your body metabolism and even alleviate inflammation. Besides, this juice is an excellent way to boost energy. You should try replacing your morning coffee with an infusion of lemon in hot water.


Have a dairy-free and gluten-free day.

Do you know that many people show varied levels of allergy and intolerance to specific food and do not even realize it? The best way to detect this behavior is to eliminate certain food substances from your diet.  If you remove these substances for your diet for a few weeks but starting with a day at a time, you may realize a substantial reduction in bloating and discomfort.


Replace regular snacks with pineapple.

A publication from the American Cancer Society revealed that an enzyme in pineapple called bromelain helps enhance the process of digestion by breaking down protein in the stomach. This action is effective in preventing bloating. Pawpaw also does a good work in preventing bloating. So, you can consider these two fruits for your daily snacks.


Reduce sodium consumption.

Sodium which is an element commonly found in salt and many other seasoning is one of the main cause of bloating. If you are fond of taking processed foods, you would likely be a victim of bloating.  Reduce consumption of processed food and do not consume more than six grams of salt per day.


Eat Slowly.

Researchers have found that eating slowly helps you eat less. Moreover, when you eat your food in a rush, you trap air packets in your gut which leads to bloating. So, make it a habit to consume your meals slowly.


Stop the chewing gum habit.

When you chew gum, you are inadvertently swallowing more air. Besides chewing gum contains sugar and alcohol which are dual factors that contribute to bloating.  In spite of its use of helping you maintain a fresh breath, chewing gum increases the risk of bloating. Stop it for one day and see the positive effects.


Avoid carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks have many gases that get trapped in your gut and causes bloating. You can stick with water for an entire day to enhance your body functions and also help you lose weight. Water also help flush toxins out of your body; try it and see the positive effects.


Eat foods with high fiber content.

You can eliminate bloating by taking food that are high in fiber content because the compound helps enhance the digestion process to prevent constipation. Moreover, dietary fiber increases the feeling of satiation helping you to consume less food.


Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is high in sugar content and cause digestive issues and directly results to bloating. Do yourself some good and forgo that bottle of cold beer.